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Meta Wish List

DepartmentItemCostWe Need
FinanceBulk Pack of Post-It notes$23.00 2
FinanceCases of copy paper$55.00 2
FinanceComputer battery backup$122.00 2
FinanceComputer monitors$160.00 2
KitchenTech snacks for hungry metas on long rehearsal days. Creation fuel$50.00 7
FacilityVan maintenance (new windshield, oil, tire rotations, detailed cleaning)$600.00 1
FinanceDesktop computer$750.00 1
Production / Education showsMakeup & hair products for students$30.00 32
FacilityPack of replacement LED fluorescent tubes$1,000.00 1
FacilityOne month of janitorial service$1,000.00 1
FinanceLaptop computer$1,000.00 1
Production / BackstageProp / set piece funding (5 shows annually)$200.00 5
AdministrativeNew desks for administrative work$540.00 2
Band StageFender Super Sonic 22 amplifier$1,600.00 1
Tech BoothRefurbished media computer for Tech Booth$2,200.00 1
FacilityHVAC repairs for our Grove City storage space$4,000.00 1
Band StageNew drum kit$12,000.00 1