Arts Immersion Program

Shadowbox Arts Immersion Program
The Arts Immersion Program (AIP) is a 10-day educational intensive that studies the life of the working artist. 

Students are enrolled in master classes in vocal, acting, dance, and music performance and attend workshops in arts administration, marketing, and professionalism. The program culminates with the production and performance of a full-length sketch comedy and music show. 

Designed to teach resilience, perseverance, the mastery of fears, and the exchange of critical and constructive feedback, AIP gives aspiring artistic professionals an honest, humbling insight into what it truly takes to be a metaperformer. 

Students will be required to fill out an application and will audition in all four disciplines in order to be considered for the program. 

**If your students are strictly interested in a behind the scenes position for the week of July 25th - 29th, please click here. 

Initial auditions will be taken through video submission.
Callback auditions will be Saturday, June 18th, 2022 at Shadowbox Live, 503 S. Front Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
Audition materials will be made available when the application process is open.
The Arts Immersion Program occurs over a 14-day period, Monday, July 18th - Thursday, July 28th, 2022.
Classes and Workshops are held all day Monday through Friday starting at 10am. 
The final day of the program is an all-day commitment, in order to rehearse and prepare for the public showcase performance that evening.
The Showcase is Friday, July 29th, 2022 7:00pm
The Arts Immersion Program requires that students accepted into the program MUST commit to the full schedule of classes and workshops over a 14-day period.

Students can offset 1/2 tuition costs by working 50 hours during the holiday season, helping usher patrons to their tables and running food. 

Full and half scholarships are given based on merit and financial need. Once accepted into the program, details will be finalized between the Director of Education, the student, and the student's family. No student has EVER been turned away due to financial constraints. The Shadowbox Academy is currently securing scholarships from local businesses and individuals to be awarded based on both merit and financial need. For more information on how you can play a role in The Shadowbox Academy's fundraising efforts, contact us here.