Shadowbox Live will be closed Monday, July 3rd - Monday, July 10th

Mission & Vision

Our identity comes from years of performance hard knocks – experimentation, exploration, and examination, giving way eventually to what remained: The traits we learned, lived and loved.

These traits, we value. This is our collective personality.

Our Vision

We envision a world made more courageously humane through the power of art.

Our Mission

To engage the world around us, enrich the community amongst us, and entertain those in front of us.

We use the power of original live performance art to create a unified expression of joy that is shared within our community through engaged educational programming, enhanced partnerships, and inspired civic givebacks.

Core Values

Intense & Inspiring

Great art expresses the inexpressible; an intensity that everyone (artist and audience) can get lost in. This is the intensity that inspires the next great piece of art, a social movement, or the impetus for an impossible imagination.

Constant & Collaborative

Our productions and performances are perpetual. They are what fuel us. Cooperative, concerted, collective, our collaborative approach is what keeps us connected as an award-winning troupe.

Unassuming & Unapologetic

We come from humble places; from a humble beginning. We’ve been through changes, setbacks, and “no goods,” that ground us with gratitude. Yet, each night when we stand on a dark stage, we stand unapologetic.

Shadowbox Live Diversity Statement

The Courage To Be Different
Our artform is born from inclusion.
We are together because we are different. Our intense commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, education and experiences keeps us strong, while diversity through the power of art, makes a world more humane.
Join us. We are Shadowbox Live.
“There’s art, there’s live performance, and of course there’s constant community engagement. But the wisdom of doing anything meaningful in the arts comes from more than that; it comes from perseverance –– when you know enough to keep going through some quiet despair –– that’s the Shadowbox experience. Shadowbox as a brand is about us and our audiences surviving together through tiny pieces of art we call, live performance.”