nick wilson on vocals

Those That Rock, Teach

Shadowbox Live didn't name itself after the display cases that hold medals and memorabilia. As the story goes, it was the name of the company's 1st education initiative — an internship for aspiring artists to "shadow" the ensemble as interns for its "blackbox" theater productions. The "Shadowbox" program proved to be a success —in more ways than one.

From the beginning, the founders' knew their unusual ideas on theater would need an unusual approach to the craft itself. In short, they would need to teach themselves how to make shows. And as its evolution accelerated into the 21st century, Shadowbox Live discovered that their success wasn't magic. It was method. And it had to be shared with the generation of artists to come.

Today, the SBX Performance Academy introduces young adults to courage, compassion, and imagination. We are fortunate to the educators, administrators, and students who give themselves to the sacred process, purpose, and power of art.